Language of war, language of peace

Raja Shehadeh
Profile books 2015 (pocket, 150 sidor)
Raja Shehada

Pris: 200 kr

When conflicts become entrenched over generations, the language of war infiltrates everyday life, concealing destruction and hardening positions. Nowhere is truer than in the Middle East.
Award-winning author Raja Shehadeh explores the politics of language of politics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reflecting on the walls that they create - legal and cultural - that confine today's Palestinians just like the borders, checkpoint and so-called "Separation Barrier". He shows how the peace process has been ground to a halt by twists of language and linguistic chicanery that have degraded the word "peace" itself.
The situation at the world´s greatest political fault-line has never looked bleaker, but still Shehadeh finds reasons to hope and explains why.